Roman Blinds

Venluree’s Roman Blind range utilises curtain fabrics and lining from our extensive curtain range.
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Roman Blinds

Some of us set up our homes in a way to make them look clean and tidy at all times. This basically depends upon the colours you choose for your furniture. One thing which is very important is what curtains you choose to create your desired vibe. Honestly, curtains and blinds have the ability to make your look come together. For such homes, Roman Blinds are an excellent option. Another very interesting fact about these is that they are not like basic blinds they look like both curtains and blinds which give your homes a very clean and tidy look altogether.

The same lining used for curtains is used for Roman Blinds so you can either choose between plain blackouts of getting a little sheer polyester lining so that a little light keeps entering the place wherever it is installed. It is completely up to you whether you want these installed outside of the window frame or in it. If this decision confuses you a bit then our experts from Venluree will help you decide according to the mood you have set and also according to the way your windows are built. Moreover, you have the option to use any kinds of fabrics you like.

There is an extensive range of fabrics to choose from which makes it a very easy decision. You can get it in patterns or even plain ones. Both have a vast variety of colors available so you can easily coordinate them with the type of furniture you have and you are good to go.

These give you protection from the sun even if you are using polyester or cotton lining so that is not a concern and it should not confuse you. Roman Blinds are the perfect solution where you do not have any stack room for a curtain but still desire a curtain design or wish to match existing curtains so these are actually pretty versatile and practical. These are perfect to merchandise your homes a little and give them a complete look.

The measurements can be made by our expert team so the Roman Blinds can be custom made for your windows. You do not have to worry about the kinds of windows you have because the measurements can be done with ease. You get amazing and affordable prices offered to you so your budget is not an issue whatsoever.

Roman Blinds will make your homes look extremely elegant and chic giving a very warm yet clean look. These amazing blinds will also not deprive you of the beautiful outside view. You can just stay in and relax on a Sunday with a cup of coffee in your hand while enjoying the beautiful view outside. Pair this up with your favorite book and you have a perfect Sunday ready for you. In times you want some privacy, you can easily adjust that as well. Find a window for these and get one for yourself today.

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  • Seamless (Used for continuous pattern matching)
  • Spined (Recommended for blinds over 1800mm wide)
  • Back or Front tuck position
  • Inside(Top) or outside(Face) fit
  • Wide range of fabrics & colours to choose from
12 months interest free
In combination with Q Card, Venluree offers 12 months Interest Free on all products over the value of $400.00
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Roman Blinds
Some of us set up our homes in a way to make them look clean ...

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