Awnings designed to provide convenience, comfort and energy savings, automated solutions are an important enhancement for homes and commercial buildings.


Throughout the years, we have seen a very vast use of Awnings. People do not just use it commercially but for their homes as well. It is a very simple and good solution to provide shelter. Venluree has taken this to a whole new level by combining new style with advanced technology. Like everything else, Awnings too are now automated and much more practical than they were before.

Venluree Awnings are an amazing solution for energy saving, comfort, and convenience. The automated enhancements that are made to this are especially important for household and commercial usage. This is because, in the warmer days, there is no shade outside of homes and shops. This can become very uncomfortable.

Horizon and Fetuna awnings, engineered using European technology and styling with high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components. Suited for commercial and domestic applications and easily face or soft fit mounted. Horizon is simple, robust and looks great. Fetuna full cassette awnings are  functional yet discreet. These are great for decks and patios to basically provide retractable shade for outdoor living. The fabrics used are Docril Fabric or Exterior Mesh fabric which provides excellent shade control.

The construction of these stylish Awnings is very lightweight which makes it very versatile and yet very attractive. Arms which are powder-coated are available so that those can be coordinated with the fabric giving it an even more stylish look. Not only will these provide great shelter but also make the place look vibrant yet cozy. The system is operated by a gearbox which makes it even more convenient and hassle-free.

If you want to personalise your Awnings and make it even more convenient for you then you can get these made in a way that they can be operated by an electric motor and controlled with remote control. Furthermore, another very cool feature that you can specify is by getting an awning which has wind sensors in it. This will detect high winds and automatically roll the awning away in high winds.

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