Whether you are looking for that classic elegant look, the modern contemporary feel or you want to make a statement on your Curtains, the Venluree range of curtains can satisfy the most discerning buyer.
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There are so many things involved in making your homes look complete and together. One of these things which many people think are not important is curtains. Curtains have the ability to greatly change the way your homes look. These can change the amount of light that comes in and that can really affect the entire look of your house. Moreover, the fabrics and colours used have a pretty intense impact on the way your furniture looks.

Venluree offers you latest and unique designs in fabrics which can change the way your homes look in the most beautiful way. These designs can heighten the vibrancy and warmth in your homes and make them look even more pleasant. Different corners in your rooms can look even more stunning when paired with the right curtains.

There are also so many Curtain color options available which can add so much more life to the place. These colors are not just ordinary colors but unique ones which can easily coordinate to your furniture and other pieces. Furthermore, there is a vast variety of sheers available. Curtains which have sheers in them can give an even more layered and unique look which will make your windows stand out.

Venluree makes the entire process pleasant for their customers by sending an expert team to your homes that help you with the perfect measurements and the accurate selection of curtains. After all, one should have fun decorating their homes and that is what Venluree provides. On top of that, the consultancy is also FREE so you do not have to worry about any extra charges messing with your budget.

Venluree aims to make your home décor experience into an exciting one. This is why there are color options which are unlimited and never-ending along with so many fabric design options. You have the complete liberty to utilize and consider all the options. You can even mix and match them and make so many different yet beautiful curtain looks. All these vast varieties and range available gives you the liberty to dress your windows exactly according to your own tastes.

Venluree specialists can provide you with a unique array of options to choose from. These combined have the ability to make your homes look stunning and warm. Plus, Curtains add that extra privacy to your homes which not only makes them a beautiful embellishment but something convenient and necessary. Contact us to arrange a FREE in-home consultation.

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  • Hand drawn or cord drawn options
  • Curtain tracks and track rods available in a wide variety of colours and styles
  • Wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from
  • Full measure and installation service provided
  • A range of different curtain heading available we have the style to suit your tastes
Many thanks for the wonderful work done hanging the curtains in my hall and I just wanted to say what a wonderful difference it will make to keeping the warmth in during the winter.
Janice Manawatu
12 months interest free
In combination with Q Card, Venluree offers 12 months Interest Free on all products over the value of $400.00
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The Venluree product range

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  There are so many things involved in making your homes look complete and together. ...

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