Blind Cleaning & Repairs

We can help with cleaning, repairs or servicing quickly & economically, either in our factory or on-site.

Venluree has a team of professionals who can Clean & Service your blinds

Let’s face facts, it is a daunting thought, thinking about cleaning your blinds yourself and we are happy to take on the challenge for you.  We provide a full in-home blind cleaning and repair service to improve the atmosphere in your home. The process is easy, efficient and hassle-free. Our cleaning services remove dust, dirt, grease and many other stains  – including marks caused by sticky fingers and pets. Blind cleaning – We will come to you

Whether your blinds are in your home or office, we offer a comprehensive on-site blind cleaning service. No hassle or fuss having to take the blinds down yourself and no inconvenience of having nothing at your windows for long periods of time. We will take them down, clean and repair if necessary, and reinstall them onsite.
Please note – cleaning services are available only in the Auckland Metropolitan area.

Products we can clean and service

  • Roller blinds
  • Aluminium venetian blinds
  • Wooden venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds

Being a manufacturer with a full production facility right here in NZ, we can repair and service products quickly and economically in our factory or on-site. With our experience in this area, we can recommend the most affordable way of doing this, to ensure you get the longest possible enjoyment from the product you have purchased from us.

Along with producing the products to your specifications, we can make the whole process of buying, maintaining and repairing window covering solutions, effortless and easy.  We recommend you utilise our skills and experience and we are happy to help wherever we can.


  • Recording of Venetian blinds
  • Replacement blind parts
  • New fabric
  • Replacement chains for Roller blinds and Vertical Blinds


Please note – repair services are available Nation wide

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