Venetian Blinds

Our wide range of Venetian Blinds allows you to achieve the look you want for your room, from sleek and minimalistic to timeless classic elegance.

Venetian Blinds

Venluree has long been known for Venetian Blinds.  We offer an extensive selection of high-quality options, and can highly recommend them as both practical and stylish.

Technological advances mean that the old fashioned thick and noisy slats of aluminium are no longer!  Today, Venetian Blinds come in a variety of different materials and are subtle, sleek and minimalistic to complement your décor.

Besides the tricky decisions of colour and pattern, there are other, very practical reasons to choose Venetian Blinds:

Light and privacy control

Venetian Blinds provide the ultimate in light and privacy control.  With an easy to use and durable wand system, you can constantly adjust to suit your needs.

Easy to clean

Venetian Blinds can be cleaned quickly as part of your regular cleaning routine, so no more challenges with moisture or dust… and no more mammoth sessions taking the curtains down!

Strength and durability

Whilst the slats look thinner and more subtle on modern Venetian Blinds, they are much stronger and more durable.  We use high tensile materials that easily withstand everyday pressure and usage.

Versatile, even in tricky spaces

We hand make our Venetian Blinds, and for this reason often recommend them for tricky spaces, such as tight corners, curved windows or complicated designs.  Custom-made Venetians fit exactly to your specifications and will enhance the character of an unusual window.

Venetian Blinds are a practical and economical solution for your home, but also add class, modernity and style.  We highly recommend them!


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Venetian Blinds
Venluree Venetian Blinds are a tried and proven blind for windows that give you the ...

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