Blackout Curtains

Curtains remain one of the most popular ways of dressing windows.  For insulation value there is little that is as effective as a good quality curtain with blackout lining, and the huge range of styles, patterns and colours provide options to suit almost every decor and budget.

What are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout lined curtains are typically 2 layers of material.  The front interior side being a decorative layer creating the design of of the curtain, whilst at the back a thermally coated blackout 'lining' layer provides the light blackout and insulation.  The two layers are sewn together at the top and tabbed together at the sides, allowing them to operate as one piece whilst allowing the different fabrics to move and adjust according to their relative fabric compositions.

Blackout curtain offer the best insulation whilst giving you excellent room darkening qualities.  Venluree in conjunction with our fabric suppliers can offer you a range of blackout linings to suit your style and budget.

With a wide range of designer fabrics to choose from, along with different heading options, Venluree can offer you a designer curtain to suit your interior whilst giving you the comfort and insulation properties to create a perfect living environment. 


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