Cellular Blinds


Cellular Blinds - Suitable for any type of room and window shape, Cellular Blinds also known as Honeycomb Blinds they are very versatile, they have a stylish look and they are very efficient.

Cellular Blind1(copy)Cellular Blinds are energy efficient window shades helping you keep the heat of the sun away in the summer and maintaining the heat inside your home in the winter time.

Cellular Blinds are the ideal choice for your home as they are light, efficient and they give your room a great look.

With Blockout and Translucent fabrics available made from 100% polyester it makes them very easy to clean, they are hand washable.

With a number of control options available, giving you the ability to control light to the top or bottom of any window with standard pull cords or child safe without cords.

Custom made, to fit any window shape in your home.


Energy Efficiency - Cellular Blinds


The window coverings industry measures energy efficiency in two ways. Winter comfort is measured with “R-Values” and summer comfort is measured with a “Shading Coefficient”.


A product’s “R-Value” is a measurement of its ability to resist heat loss. Using the American calculation of R Values, a single layer of uncovered window glass has an R-value of about 1.75. Higher R-values mean better insulation.

So by selecting a product with a higher R-value, you can save money on your annual energy bill. For example, a standard aluminum Venetian blind in a double glazed window (a window with two panes of glass and an air space between them) carries an R-value of 2.32.


A single cell cellular shade on that same window creates an R-value between 3.50 and 4.30. Such a high value creates a substantial savings on your heating costs.


With a “Shading Coefficient”, the opposite holds true: the lower the value, the better the energy efficiency. With that in mind, let’s make the same comparison. A Venetian blind on a double glazed window has a shading coefficient of .43.

A semi-opaque cellular shade on that same window has roughly the same coefficient of .44, but is actually more efficient because it does not have the radiant effect of a metal blind (i.e., the metal absorbs the heat energy and radiates it into the home). In comparison, an opaque fabric decreases the Shading Coefficient to .35, or even .21.

This means that an Apollo cellular blinds reduces window heat by nearly 80%!

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