Straight Drop Awnings

Our range of Straight drop awnings for decks and patio's, give you shade and wind protection to enjoy New Zealand's outdoor living, we provide these awnings with fully encapsulated channels or without, using Italian designed gear boxes and quality Clear PVC or exterior mesh, let us extend your living areas.


If it is complete control of the elements a fully encapsulated awning with aluminium side channels and bottom bar gives you what you need, fully protection from the rain or wind easily controlled with a gearbox and lockable bottom bar. These awnings can be finished in clear or coloured PVC or to give you some airflow but maintain your privacy exterior mesh that is slightly open to allow airflow.



To make life even more relaxed and comfortable, we offer a straight drop awning without channels to act simply as a wind stop or to give you privacy from your neighbours or the public. Utilising the same gear system as our encapsulated system but at a more affordable price


  • Stainless Steel bracketing
  • Aluminium Awning tube so wont rust
  • Choice of left or right control
  • Choice of clear or coloured PVC or Exterior open weave mesh
  • Can be made up to 3.5 metres wide


Straight Drop  Awning-106 Encapsulated Straight Drop1 Euro 350 12
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