Since 1966, Venluree has been a household name for many generations of New Zealanders. In the beginning, the business provided blind cleaning and repair services but its founder Bob Playle, quickly recognised a need for good quality, well designed and competitively priced window coverings. A blind manufacturing plant was subsequently built and over time, this family owned business has managed to protect and cover over a million  of New Zealand’s doors and windows.

In 2006, Bob’s son-in-law Paul Bason took over the helm, Paul  focused on building the organisation’s customer service capability. This has provided the foundation for growing the business, through a network of expertly trained and committed Licensed Partners. Several years ago Ian McCallion came on board, Ian having a wealth of experience in the business world was appointed the Managing Director and continues to grow the business with a national presence, focusing still on customer service as the fundamental corner stone of the business, Find out more about becoming a Venluree Licensed Partner>>


Venluree’s innovation-driven company culture, has enabled it to lead the charge towards the future of automatic and electronic screens, blinds and awnings. With a strong focus on product development and a close eye on consumer trends, the company has been able to offer its customers the most technologically advanced products and services available. The full range has been designed and engineered to offer a functional solution to the challenges of:

  • glare
  • solar radiation through glass
  • privacy for windows
  • shade for outdoor living areas
  • security and insect protection
There can be no disputing the company’s 45-year reputation for offering a range of products, specifically designed for and made from materials, capable of weathering New Zealand’s unique environmental conditions. The visual proof, adorns the windows of hundreds of thousands of New Zealand households.

Venluree strongly believes that while window coverings must provide a functional solution, they must also complement both the interior and exterior living environments of New Zealand’s homes. 


If you were a member of one of the earlier generations of New Zealanders who may have fleetingly thought, “strange name, excellent service”, then here’s the story behind the name.  

Fortunately, founder Bob Playle quickly discounted “Bob’s Blind Company” as too predictable and uninspiring. Not willing to settle for the mundane, he wanted something that was unique, memorable AND a true representation of what the company was all about. A somewhat visionary perspective for the 60’s, when most people were thinking more short-term like big hair and psychedelic flowers, among other things!

After numerous iterations and discussions, he came up with the following.
 ‘Ven’  - part of the word Venetian
 ‘Lu’     - part of the word Laundry 
 ‘Ree’  - derived from the word Repair
Voila! The name Venluree was born.


 “To provide visually pleasing, technically brilliant and environmentally enduring window covering solutions to the New Zealand market”